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  • Leticia Luna Guzman


    I loved Peru to me personally I like the nature and archeology and meet the people and their culture.
    If you have any information I would like to inform me that one never stops finding new places to explore but are more magical archeology is get to a place and wonder how it was designed and built with the cardinal points as accurate.


  • Rubén Suárez Carballo


    Hi Leticia. I have been fortunate to combine passion for mountaineering Peru, climbing in this case, with archeology historian and journalist accompanying the Santiago Del Valle Chousa in their explorations to the location of the last capital of the Inca Empire “Vilcabamba La Grande”. Have a first book of those trips until its discovery in the 2005 “The Mystery of Vilcabamba”. My travels began a little later exploring the Sierra of the same name. If you go back to Peru I invite you to discover an area that was very isolated and steeped in history.


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