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ViajesalPasado meeting is a magazine. Meeting travelers to exchange tips, que comparten mapas y que se cuentan sus experiencias en tierra extraña. Our purpose is to narrate what is happening out there, no tricks or makeup. We are reading a magazine, reflection and Entertainment. All this will be what the reader is when "browsing" for this magazine that aims to capture all those who share a way of traveling, una mirada al mundo siempre rebosante de curiosidad.

We like the story, always have a place for it in these pages as it is difficult to understand a place without understanding anything of his before, of its essence, but also the nature we love, lost people, gastronomy, routes where you muddy ...

We are a global project, honest, that is open to all. Desde que comenzamos nuestra andadura, in March 2010, hemos reinventado la página, metiendo vídeo, counting signatures of writers and world class adventurers and people who make a backpack, come out to see the world and then they tell us. Hemos organizado viajes de autor en el sur de África, nos hemos lanzado con éxito al mundo editorial y queremos producir nuestros propios documentales, pero no comenzamos ningún reto para el que no nos sintamos preparados.

"Travel to the past" is, above all, an invitation to put land in between the routine, however fleetingly, to merge into large and small stories of History. But no one supposes the adventurism of Livingstone, Stanley o Burton, los reportajes van a menudo acompañados de algunas sugerencias prácticas para hacer más llevadero ese periplo propuesto. Everyone knows that traveling always better with a smile on your stomach or body rested from the inevitable fatigue. We would, as, satisfied with that readers will find in these pages a good reason to pack and head for the unknown.

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