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The 10 most read post 2012

For: VAP
Here is the list of 10 most read post in VAP 2012. Ten places to ten stories. There are more than a summary, an example of a full year, Road and three of this project, narrated in many world from his shoulders. Everything published in this magazine seems worthy to be in this category. Thanks to the dozens of people who have gone through this coffee traveler or this tavern, here we respect the tastes and times of everyone s, and left of the dust of his shoes for this place.
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Exposure - כל דבר בעולם · José Luis Feliu · Dimitris Bountolos

  • Aurora boreal del lago Inari (Finland)
  • Gulag del lago Baikal (Siberia)
    Gulag del lago Baikal (Siberia)
  • Desierto del Gobi (Mongolia)
    Gobi Desert (Mongolia)
  • Península de Kamchatka (Rusia)
    De Kamchatka Peninsula (Russia)
  • Pequeña isla de Diomedes (Estrecho de Bering)
    Pequeña isla de Diomedes (Bering Strait)
  • Glaciar Mendenhall (Alaska)
    Glaciar Mendenhall (Alaska)
  • Monument Valley (Estados Unidos)
    Monument Valley (U.S.)
  • Ruinas mayas de Tulum (México)
    Ruinas mayas de Tulum (Mexico)
  • Machu Picchu (Perú)
    Machu Picchu (Peru)
  • Salar de Uyuni (Bolivia)
    Salar de Uyuni (Bolivia)
  • Villa de las Estrellas (Antártida)
    Villa de las Estrellas (Antarctica)
  • Poblado himba (Namibia)
    Himba village (Namibia)
  • Río Luangwa (Zambia)
    Río Luangwa (Zambia)
  • Lago Malawi (Malawi)
    Lago Malawi (Malawi)
  • Pirámides de Meroe (Sudán)
    Pyramids of Meroe (Sudan)

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