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For: Daniel Landa

The hotels of today are committed to the environment to feel the trip indoors. Those who neglect this concept become impersonal and the traveler finds himself feeling the pinch. Now they are called lodges, perhaps because the classical idea of ​​a five star hotel begins to be inadequate. The comfort and luxury lose the battle against the "unique experience" offering many accommodations. This list reflects what I believe were the lodges, hotels, bungalows… ultimately, the most charming lodgings I have found traveling around the world.

1.- Lamanai Out Post (Belize)

It is the first of the hotels here River. To access the Lamanai Out Post is essential to navigate the New River and simply with the way water is an understanding on where to spend the night. Crocodiles and overlook the river jabirus, howling monkeys in the treetops and then you get to the river beach, is accommodated in simple huts, with their hammocks on the terraces, and then you can walk five minutes to discover that in this corner of Belize well preserved Mayan ruins of Lamanai.

2.-Le Mirage Desert Lodge (Namibia)

An oasis in itself. Appears in the road like a desert mirage. It has a castle, like a wall from which you can contemplate the vastness of the Namib. Feel like launching into the pool to cool the torpor of the sand. Addition, you can even sleep on the roof, on a bed without the starry sky ceiling of Namibia.

3.-Chena Hot Springs (Alaska)

I was a scenario seems eccentric. Overnight at hotel ice is like living a fantasy. It has statues of ice, ice bed, an ice bar and ice to toilet! The rugs here are as essential as the pool of Mirage Desert Lodge. Located a few miles from Fairbanks and who has sufficient liquidity to pay for one night (500$) will leave the hotel-museum with Eskimo experience, a bath in hot springs and a memory frozen.

The comfort and luxury lose the battle against the "unique experience" offering many accommodations.

4.-Tabacon (Costa Rica)

The image of the volcano Arenal rules the landscape. The entire environment is designed by the volcano. The gardens of tropical plants are surrounded by a maze of thermal springs, at a flow rate at different temperatures, small cascades of warm water, steaming hot and even. If one word defines this lodge is “evasion”. Tourists wander limp after baths, pensive after yoga class or relax with massage service strives to provide the.

5.-Royal Lower Zambezi (Zambia)

Live the African experience is not cheap for those who want breakfast looking into the eyes of the hippopotamus. For 500 $ overnight (as in the Alaskan ice hotel) one can feel in the midst of a wild habitat. Located in the Lower Zambezi National Park, one of the most dense animal population. The canoe trips and safaris in 4X4 ensure the sighting of large pachyderms, huge crocodile, monkey, lion, buffalo… Surfing the Zambezi and circular along its banks is a foray into a world that does not belong.

6.-Luna Salada (Bolivia)

There are few landscapes as puzzling as the Salar de Uyuni, a salt lake, a plain extreme. Luna Salada is the name of one of the few hotels built from blocks of salt. It is hard to resist hitting a lick to the columns of the hotel to find out for sure. I, I confess, se that its sal. The floor is covered with coarse salt, to walk barefoot and feel the salty texture underfoot, but perhaps is the view that white Salar just seducing the tenant.

7.-Tiwa (Amazon)

It is the third hotel of the river from this list. It is located opposite the city of Manaus, on the opposite shore of the Black River, a tributary of the Amazon. From Tiwa depart boats to see the meeting of the Great Rivers, to assess the size of the water lilies floating houses or visit Amazon. Each cottage overlooking the river and turns his back on a jungle whose murmur accompanies the traveler during his stay in Tiwa.

What we have left…?

If the real interest of a hotel lies in its environment, we lack too many hotels in too many beautiful places. I say NO rather than included in this list to the hotel chains clonic, to free bueffetes with mariachis, City buildings, the great halls, to rooms with touches of gold in the mirror, the 'all inclusive', to lifts eternal… in the end, know what I mean.

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Comments (3)

  • Isabel


    They are amazing. I'll take the Zambezi and the Lamanai!


  • Ann


    The path of suffering, so is :-) I also prove the Zambezi… I think less to be cold, in the ice hotel, I would not say no to anything.


  • Mery


    Precious, congratulations for having the chance to see and live in these wonders built by humans aided by the incredible nature. Thanks for giving us such beauty. Health that follow the path with the world. Greetings


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