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It is inevitable, the image of a lake invites the nap of the senses, conveys peace and the restless spirit of a traveler often find solace in its banks. The lakes are a good starting point and a beautiful finish. Unlike seas, the time we get to fury, lakes are considered with the visitor, smooth the way, the anesthetized. I saw colorful lakes, others took refuge in the mountains, some hidden mysterious islands and other amounts to 4.000 meters, but I found all the rest, the reward for crossing. These are the 7 Most lakes that have inspired me.

1.-Lago General Carrera (Patagonia)

Detour many miles our route to get into Chile Argentina and contemplate the indigo blue of General Carrera. It is surrounded by the Andes, but the color we returned to the Caribbean Sea. This contrast is one of the wonders of the world Down. It also has stone figures, marble arches that defy gravity, on clear water. More than a lake, I found a wonder of this land Patagonian, so full of wonders.

2.-Lake Inari (Lapland)

Northern Europe is rich in forests and shy with men. Finland, seen on a map, is a country riddled by lakes and each is surrounded by the forests that are dying in autumn and yellow ocher. They call it the Russia This metamorphosis of the landscape and tastefully decorated lakes "land of a thousand lakes". I'll stick with the Inari, where the Saami of Lapland this part of its salmon fishing in summer and compete with their reindeer on winter ice.

3.-Lake Titicaca (Bolivia and Peru)

Here was born the Empire of the Sons of the Sun, always the sailed here in their boats Aymara Totora and here still dazzling the traveler their sacred islands, their 4.000 meters above sea level and its ancient culture. From the city of Puno, in Peru, traveled to the Uros, floating islands built of reeds that magic is the cattail. A yellow on the world's highest navigable lake in the world.

La Laguna Colorada, with flamingos, I found a place where they would go themselves Holiday Elves.

4.-Lake Tana (Ethiopia)

Not as beautiful as interesting and not so interesting and mysterious. And yes, addition is beautiful. While hippos hide their backs to the passage of mariners, islands in Tana is men who hide their sacred temples. There are Orthodox monks guarding the frescoes of the monasteries. Everything here has an air of legend. They say that the very Ark of the Covenant was hidden for centuries in one of these temples, on an island in the lake of Ethiopia.

5.-Laguna Colorada (Bolivia)

Neither Moses had imagined himself as red waters. The Reserve Eduardo Abaroa seduces by his eccentricity. We had seen emerald lakes, other whitish, drove to the foot of volcanoes, but the Laguna Colorada, with flamingos, I found a place where they would go themselves Holiday Elves.

6.-Lago Baikal (Siberia)

Russia again sneaks into a Top 7. In fact, Lake Baikal is leading many rankings: is the world's deepest lake, has the 20% of the world's fresh water and has several endemic species, as man and freshwater seals. But beyond wikipédicos data, The lake is full of feelings. Your blue is hypnotic and Buddhist garments hanging from the trees mark the trail of history. His mysticism can not be measured in figures.

7.-Lago Argentino (Patagonia)

I return to Patagonia, this time his Argentine side, to top the list of the world's most ornate lake. To navigate the Lago Argentino must dodge icebergs, that seem to sprout like Lladró figurines, but have been carved by weather, time accomplice. Leaning to glaciers generates overwhelming visual impact. The condors fly over the falls, ice, the green water of the lake and the incredulous eyes of travelers.

What we have left…?

There are many lakes mythical. The Lake Superior, by size deserved a spot on this list, or the Lago Michigan, which overlooks the city of Chicago. In Africa there are beautiful lakes and wild as the Turkana or the Victory or even in Kazakhstan, the March of the Aral, which I still find a lake, Share the magic of the places where the soul rest awhile.

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  • ricardo


    Great video and great text. I would add the lake Yamdrok, in Tibet, and Victoria, African great inland sea. Congratulations on the job.


  • Daniel Landa


    And Lake Atitlan, in Guatemala!! that dismissal…


  • Alex


    Lake Turkana is really awesome a sea of ​​jade , with the addition of the beauty of the way of arrival , so inhospitable and ethnicities that are on its shores .


  • José Luis Gauna


    General Carrera Lake is called Lake Buenos Aires on the Argentine side, name given by its discoverer Francisco Moreno.


  • martin


    Y of Lake laberge in Alaska , by nice and representing ; the one you may have like the Yukon Territory and Alaska


  • Daniel


    The Tonle Sap lake in Cambodia is spectacular.


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