Istanbul: voices from another time

For: Israel Alvarado (text and photos)
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¡Santa Sofía! Madness of architecture and engineering. Designed under the canons Platonic, This ancient basilica a dome thirty-two feet in diameter to more than fifty high. When she entered watched a firmament made by the hand of man and the divine logic.
Just see it, worth the trip. It remains there covered, hidden and yet flirty. I look good in different outfits (added over time) and is accompanied by good Blue Mosque and Topkapi.

What is really, endures.

At night, right in the vicinity of the Blue Mosque extends a terrace bar with live music. No solids torches poles arranged along the entire space: surprised to see a person in charge of attending so hot one decorated; satisfying their desires. A simple accompaniment serves tea to the strains of qanun and rhythm of the darbuka.

¡Santa Sofía! Madness of architecture and engineering

In a moment of exaltation, I am amazed how people get up to follow the music, clapping. They sing and they are indeed excited as I guiris, although some are, in earnest, as blond as Benidorm. Hablando de Benidorm… Good, better not! maybe some other time.

In a moment of exaltation, I am amazed how people get up to follow the music, clapping

The voice is always important. You begin to notice shortly after our arrival, with the singing of the muezzin calling the faithful to prayer. But the degree of rigor and authenticity we attended that night, admiring the grounds that the young soloist's voice drew, makes one think of forgotten things of the past. Where the voice was coral and represented the sentiment of a people.

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  • Juan Antonio Portillo


    ” What is really, endures”….. very good and very true phrase
    ” The voice is always important” ….. certain, like the letters that you broadcast us your experiences and feelings. With Israel.


  • Israel


    Thanks John.
    Many data that can be given to Istanbul, but I try to convey “what endures” in my heart, the “print”….
    P. D.: I came to Istanbul after having toured France, Italy and Greece by train; was, somehow, the icing on the trip.


  • Lydia


    Course, I agree that Hagia Sophia is what interests me most about Istanbul.


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