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¡¡Kilimanjaro, Hakuna Matata!! (part 1)

For: Nacho Melero (Text and photos)
I recognize that it all started with the second line "pink" a predictor. A woman awash in happiness, a man locked in uncertainty, and a gynecologist witness. "Laura, Mario is on his way and. Now I ask you to let me climb Kilimanjaro"
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Serengeti: perfection and the “piedrocerontes”

For: J. Brandoli / F. Coat of Arms (text and photos)
I imagine the man coming to camp, by the fire, and explaining to all that he had seen 654 Rhinos, which are stones that calculation could cross until he returned to his hotel. Who cares? One has the feeling that in the Serengeti one has the right to see what he wants.
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For example, the Maasai
For: Javier Brandoli

The Maasai do not bury their dead because they believe it hurts the sacred land. Die, put them in leather bags and leave the corpse out of town, away. At three months back to see what happened. If a hyena ate it is that it is a bad person. If you ate a vulture is that it is in paradise.
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