Serengeti: perfection and the “piedrocerontes”

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That rock on the Serengeti plain sin seemed a life. It's just that entry, Sobre ese kopje (Afrikaner word to describe the mounds of rocks created by volcanic explosions), where I began to understand a site that had all my life imagining. We were coming through a storm that sank the wheels of our Land Cruiser in the mud. In the sky drew a giant rainbow those who always seem to indicate something mystical and then only indicate that it has rained and is probably no longer rains again. "Many times we can get on these stones because some lioness has come here to give birth to her litter", me dice Wilson. Fuck, home that could not be more perfect.

Many times we can get on these rocks because a lion has come here to give birth to her litter

As he passed the door a huge sand arena and an infinite line takes us into the park. On the sides I see nothing more full of life than ever looked after Master Ngorongoro (insuperable). The grass was high for some small acacia dotted, the wind hit me in the face and I was damn happy to see that in that green wilderness as life stirred with lewdness.

Do not take us long to start collecting animals. Lo malo para Wilson, my fabulous partner loveliveafrica, was that moment when I was standing in the car, solemn, round, share "Stoooop". In the midst of the green mantle, in low light, and very sunset, my browser magnificent eyes, trained over 30 parks and ten countries across Africa, high tail spotted moving average distance was definitely a cat. ¿Seguro?, he asks. "There is no doubt, there is something”, I already answered some questions. We turned the car and went in that direction. There was tension, at first did not see anything and suddenly a male lion from the undergrowth climbing rocks.

I, humble, chest swelled, I put that face condescending entered by taking up the cup winners, while Wilson told me, "Very good eyes, was very hard to see ". I say that was so bad for Wilson because in the next few days I did stop 657 times before it was definitely a cat and it was to be a warthog, a trunk on a bus.

In the following days I did stop 657 times before it was definitely a cat and it was to be a warthog, a trunk on a bus

But one way to Dunia Camp, one of those places that now two months later I doubt if I'll be or what I dreamed, the Serengeti became an unexpected gift. After the lion, in those rocks, had another couple more, male and female; then, on the road we crossed a serval, a feline small and very pretty, like a cat, it is very difficult to see. Already, the end, appeared one of the most difficult animals to see in the Serengeti, a huge specimen of white rhino we had too much time watching him to fall down and over the night.

Dunia us he hopes to get to a hoguera, a nice dinner and one of those stores that allow you to sleep in the bush, in luxury, unprotected or fence. "Some nights when it rains the lions come to the restaurant tent out of the rain", director tells me at dinner. One of the nights we were arriving to camp, unless 500 meters from our shop, stumbled upon three lions resting in the undergrowth. There, next to where duermes.

That would be like asking to Florence that had a thousand tourists strolling along the Ponte Vecchio

What is the Serengeti? It is the excessive. It is exceedingly beautiful and full of animals did not see any park in Africa. It is also true that there are more cars; in parts of Zambia, Zimbabwe and Uganda have come to be the whole day without cross paths with a car, but that would be like asking to Florence that had a thousand tourists strolling along the Ponte Vecchio.

I can not say how many lions I saw in three days, many hyenas, how many leopards. There is always a point of luck on safaris, but in the Serengeti almost luck is not to tell them you came out of there without seeing anything. Just do not make you special, in one. Its endless plains, sus kopjes, its rivers, his life in the trees.

We confirmed that these are two precious "piedrocerontes" males

Then one from the visual orgy one can believe you see the unseen. We spent a great story with an American, about a man and 60 years. We were on a road two vehicles lost when man makes us satisfaction gestures. “Yes, I know that look, was similar to mine when I spotted the lion”, I. "Two rhinos" he says with fanfare. "There in the distance", indicates. So far it seemed that marked Mozambique. But it, on the horizon are two white spots. We take the binoculars and look. Too far. Not move. "I do not know, should be shy ", I. Then also looks Wilson and confirms that they are two precious "piedrocerontes" machos.

Our friend the U.S. while looking and looking. Celebrate your success with your wife. It is euphoric. We started. They also. 200 meters below the U.S. for the car and as loudly, almost certain disdain, but knowing that his eyes have led to glory, looks at us and says: “!!!!THREE RINOS AGAIN!!!!!”. Raised his arms, sight and explained to his wife like those gray spots on the horizon were three copies of an animal that has twelve copies around the park. He, in 500 meters, had seen five. Again we took the binoculars and saw this time were "piedrocerontes" females. We decided to keep quiet and let him think he was a genius able to spot a mile rhinos. It was not just steal the overwhelming success satisfaction.

Again we took the binoculars and saw this time were "piedrocerontes" females

I imagine the man coming to camp, by the fire, and explaining to all that he had seen 654 Rhinos, which are stones that calculation could cross until he returned to his hotel. Who cares? One has the feeling that in the Serengeti one has the right to see what he wants. Among other things because if you took a picture back home sure to enlarge rhinos found that there was no, but probably discovered that there were lions, Cheetahs, Leopards, Hyenas, dragons and unicorns

There can be more beautiful a place no more complicated to explain. There are sites that excess obvious that you feel any item is stupid, surplus. Those three days are part of my fondest memories of the fascinating animal life that got me hooked since I came to this continent.

PD. I have not spoken of the great migration of the Serengeti, I will devote the next post exclusively. That show, in my travels around the world, is matched only when watching the mountain gorillas in Uganda.

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  • Lydia


    You say it's hard to explain a. Well in your case you did very well. Expressions “nowhere more full of life” and “orgía visual”, are very eloquent. Addition, Your story is funny and touching.


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