Subscribe Landslides: Why not listen to the mountain?

For: Eduardo Martinez de Pison (text and photos)
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The Subscribe baths (Huesca), cut off three times this winter by avalanches, are admitted to excess urban enclave in the mountains and this manifests always for the purpose of access, but more intensely in winter conditions. The 1.630 m. altitude of the Baths introduce this enclave in the domain of a snowy field and winter seasonal, sometimes, part of the fall and spring.

For the relief of the place, of the basin of the Baths and throat access by scaling or valley Caldarés, its steep slopes, their narrowness, landslides and torrential channels, Spa by altitude and the height of the mountain massif in the bucket opening and throat, summer access not only forces a slope road layout and winding, Winters but always have resulted avalanches, sometimes very destructive, in both places.

The Spa had traditionally summer tourist use only, landslides so had no economic impact

The Spa had traditionally summer tourist use only, so such avalanches, orography normal that such stations around Winter, had no economic impact, facilities destroyed unless the Baths. This was, eg, early twentieth century, due to the same site of the Baths at the bottom of a bucket in which converge several basins receiving steep unstable snow.

It is impossible to correct in this sense the whole mountain where they generate, move and fall such avalanches. The snow retention works at height, existing, are always insufficient and, also, artifice disfigure your environment and landscape (key attraction) of this sector of the Biosphere Reserve Ordesa-Viñamala. Pretender escalating corrections mountain dynamics it because the man penetrates deeper in it, and longer, can cross a line in your action becomes go against the nature of that same mountain that attracts and that colonizes.

The problem lies in its use as a winter residence associated with the ski resorts of Formigal and Subscribe

Neither does it seem feasible to correct such uncertain site enclave, since it is a traditional use and is based on the thermal waters, just, arise there. This use termalista, of tradition Pyrenean, and the charm of its old facilities, Today very disfigured by new architectures, advise, as, its continuity as a value. The problem is to use a bow and seasonal supply not only termalista, namely, as the winter residence associated with ski resorts Formigal and Panticosa, looking there for a hosting point for users.

However much work it is intended to undertake antialudes, with its attendant endless mountain denaturation, avalanches will always remain in that terrain or lurtes.

The only solution is to limit, as before, Desk opening the months without snow potentially unstable

The only reasonable solution from the point of view of geography, although not from intensive economic exploitation, is to limit, as before, the opening of the local tourist Wellness months without snow the potentially unstable. The attempt to obtain high profits winter is, simply, risky and can have worse consequences, by increasing the circulation by the scalar, that the events of this Easter. Meanwhile, a new patch will, but the mountain is the mountain and you can not go endlessly against the reality of things.

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