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For: Ricardo Coarasa (text and photos)
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Standing on the bow of the small boat, protected from the sun with a pith helmet, shirt browser, knee socks and shiny shoes laces, He exhibited a proud gesture while your partner immortalizing the scene with Murchison Falls, in Uganda, behind their backs, where the Nile spitting foam without contemplation. I: “This guy has come here to take a picture dressed in Speke (the discoverer of the fountains of the great African river in the nineteenth century)”. Ways to travel. Also in Africa, It cost me occasional trip to discover that there were tourists whose main interest in African parks was bird watching. Where others saw a leopard they were entranced to that rare species had long been chasing. Aircraft caught behind the birds. Ways to travel.

A, It has been done thousands of kilometers to tread some places where history has left its mark, sometimes real moors, or after they have subjugated me literary scenes, He has heard sometimes to a friend, escapist political correctness, to confess: “I would not go there even if I gift was the trip”. Ways to travel. I know those traveling with beer as an excuse: a Oktoberfest in Munich here, a Dublin guinnes brimming over there, a tour Chicago by St. Patrick to see its river dyed green… Beer is present in all my travels, but not to the extent of determining my destinations. Ways to travel.

Before the young Navarro ran like us Tibet, but cycling, I always felt a wealthy tourist

In a pool of a resort Dominican Republic I heard it a euphoric fellow. “¡62!”. It was three o'clock in the afternoon and cocktails celebrating his record in one day, courtesy of the all-inclusive. So day after day. The third I could not take it anymore and got on a bus route to Santo Domingo. When I returned still in the pool Coco Loco in hand. Ways to travel.

On my trip to Tibet, I met several stages with a young man who made our navarro same route at the foot of Everest… Cycling. For me the trip, I organized my own, It was a tremendous adventure, but whenever she saw him arrive I was a wealthy tourist. His greatest desire was to go to pedaling ports 5.000 meters from the Himalaya. Often slept in a tent and stole one day to evening shoes, but she bought at a local market other. I counted out loud. Ways to travel.

The more I travel the more I am surprised by the motivations that lead people to leave home and go to unknown destinations

often happens that accumulate kilometers and landscapes. The more I travel the more I am surprised by the motivations that lead people to leave home and go to unknown destinations. And you, What kind of traveler are you? And Patagonia, I made a stop for years in Bariloche way of large glaciers with one goal: skiing in the middle of August. Cerro Catedral was too close to avoid falling into temptation. I do not expect that everyone understands. As the Speke 2.0, like the Nutty ornithologist African savannahs, the same as my friends devotees of the Guinnes… Ways to travel.

The plane was delayed more than five hours and arrived exhausted at the hotel Hammamet, in Tunisia, at daybreak. “We want dinner”, I heard behind me while complimented the questionnaire “check in”. “It is included in the price and want dinner”, the tourist insisted angrily. When, way to the room making efforts to stay awake on the road, I saw a hotel employee they opened the dining room, I do not get over my amazement. They had dinner, clear. It was included. Ways to travel. My friend Javier climbed into an SUV on Madrid and she led him to the Cape Agulhas, the southernmost corner of Africa, after crossing the continent from north to south. All that said goodbye last night in Madrid would have liked that car get on, but only he did. Ways to travel.

We arrived at dawn at hotel, but the tourist insisted so angry: “We want dinner. It's included in the price”

A friend of my father was excited for years to see the main attractions of all the Spanish provinces. Already retired, he told me jubilantly day: “I just need Alcantara Bridge!”. The bridge of Alcántara, clear, also he finished by cross it off your list. The next time we saw each lacked sparkle in her eyes. He had lost the illusion. Ways to travel. Death is also a claim. With time and travel I have been developing a curiosity about cemeteries and I have seen how real geeks are graveyards. The last time, this summer at the Merry Cemetery sapanta, in the Romanian region of Maramures. How to bury our dead says a lot about who we are as a society, but it is not a personal motivation to travel. As neither it is a beach, although I have made the case more than once behind the silhouette of a mountain, just for the pleasure of raise or, simply, see it with my own eyes.

And Prague, after several days following the footsteps of Kafka, one of my favorite writers, if not the most, my companion exploded in front of a house facade ashen after a long subway ride on an icy winter morning. “?! And here Kafka threw a fart!!?”, He protested at last. I understood instantly that his motivations were not mine and, despite his selfless generosity, You never can be made hostage when one goes behind his obsessions viajeras. Ways to travel.

Everyone has their zeal, but you never can be made hostage when we go behind our traveling obsessions

We travel behind elusive auroras, infinite skyscrapers, of exotic foods; we crossed half the world to peek into an Indian tribe or the desire to sail a turquoise lake; we travel in the wake of a childhood dream, fearful that fade, pursuing literary myths or marine corals; We tossed the routine for a few days to get us away in a sunset, in a pitcher of beer or in the silence of a beechwood. We travel, also, for the sheer pleasure of doing nothing, to find us beyond what we think we are, by a mere vital instinct to explore our limits.

And you, Why do you travel?

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  • Xavier


    Traveling is moving, no matter how far you take that movement or realize how complicated. I not think it's so important where and why. There is only one intolerable trip, Today increasingly common, which he is suffering and enjoying narrates. Traveling by simply counting ego that has traveled is an evil of these times when social networks explain the rest of our lives. Travel, as you want, where you want, but please enjoy the immense pleasure trip when ocurrre, in present, not in the after counting.


  • Mary


    Very nice Ricardo. The trip is one of the few things that you enjoy three times: before, when prepared; during, to live; and then, as he remembers.


  • Daniel Landa


    A great tour for reasons that move us to move. Very interesting. I'll take almost all at once. The debate is: Are there ways to travel better than others? I say yes mojo… I think the trips that do not change the routines of everyday life, but repeated elsewhere, They are not entirely travel.


  • Kepa Garmendia


    Imposible estar más de acuerdo, I agree even your destinations and reported experiences. Magnificent written!


  • José Manuel


    For me enjoy my travels is lost in infinite corners away from my daily routine, disconnect from everything familiar and connect with the authenticity of each place, often great treasures for the senses. No need to make long journeys to discover just savor the best of every moment and encounter. To travel is to live.


  • Chus


    Totalmente de acuerdo Daniel


  • Carlos


    Precioso artículo Ricardo. Comparto tus reflexiones, no importan las motivaciones, just go and put your foot where you dreamed. I found it funny because it's a huge truth not to hostages when traveling obsessions pursued… It is a waste of time and energy.


  • Laura Berdejo


    How well written and what oozes good vibes and tolerance text with Ricardo travelers peculiar whims and impossible goals. Loved, Master Congratulations!


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