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Istanbul: sólo con mi mochila

For: Santiago Ortiz (text and photos)
Solo en suelo turco. Algo más de quince mil kilómetros me dejaban a solas con Europa. Toda para mí. Mientras me dirijo a destino percibo que la ciudad es inmensa y que alguna vez estuvo amurallada. En Buenos Aires no hay muros, thought.
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A walk in the Baltics
For: Daniel Landa (text and photos)

A walk in the Baltics
Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania always go hand in hand. Each has given his personality to the group of Baltic countries. Are together, to make more noise, separately because they are only heard in Eurovision. All three overlook the sea with his back to Russia.
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Welcome to Europe dear Aung San Suu Kyi !!!
For: Nacho Melero

I walked for two days through thick jungle that border between Burma and Thailand to reach a settlement karen, where there was no electricity or running water, but children and more children with that smile that is only seen when happiness is full.
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