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The concept of an empty beach often inspire images reminiscent of coconut, white sand and a sea in which you see your feet while looking for shells. But today I propose that we move away from the Postcards and give up the topic. There are other secluded beaches by strolling worth. Beaches cold, river beaches, beaches where the desert meets the sea and even beaches with penguins. No sign of loungers, or sand castles, but they are still beaches, found places north or south end and have lost the interest of tourist. Here I present 7 dislocated places, Edens confused, Winter beaches without bars.

1.- Petropavlovsk-Kamchatski (Kamchatka)

The city turns its back on a chain of volcanoes, overlooking the bay of Abacha, one of the world's largest- and coastal beaches is accompanied, unusual beaches. When winter approaches dare only ships to these waters. Ice threatens to cover the surface of sand and stone on which expires the sea and the beach, with scarf, one can walk looking up a wall of snow-capped volcanoes.

2.-Skeleton Coast (Namibia)

Hundreds of miles of sand. I could not say where the Namib Desert and begins the beach sand. In any case, few resist this wild melee between the wild seas and nothingness of the desert. The Skeleton Coast is named after the remains of whales, the seals who are dying here, currents carried by. The solitude of the beaches is emphasized by the bodies of some vessels, with the harsh wind and death skeleton lying on the sand.

3.-Lofoten (Norway)

There are also beaches in Europe's most rugged fjords. The archipelago of Lototen form labyrinths of sea and mountains where some beaches slip. The water here is transparent and in the Caribbean and the fine white sand. Some Norwegians built in this corner of the Arctic summer home, an interesting paradox. It rains often, cold, but this is still beautiful empty beach surrounded by mountains.

Wales beach is endless because land and sea unite to become infinite ice. The sunsets on the horizon, the polar wind and relentless loneliness of this beach make it an extraterrestrial scenario.

4.-Black River (Amazon)

River beaches, a different concept. The banks of the Black River, the largest tributary of the Amazon, beaches become formidable, forest walks and "sea", because it is both the river flow, the horizon on the other side is far and in size you lose perspective of the river. No bathers, or comet, no towels in the sand, but you can see the pink dolphins poking the back. Very near here live piranhas and jaguars. The magic of the Amazon also has beach tricks.

5.-Wales (Alaska)

Nunca there a coast semejante. In winter, Wales beach is endless because land and sea unite to become infinite ice. The sunsets on the horizon, the polar wind and relentless loneliness of this beach make it an extraterrestrial scenario. There are beaches where you can walk on the sea, sit on the snow and stick his gaze to the Bering Sea.

6.-Lago Baikal (Siberia)

Lake Baikal reappears in a Top 7. A cold beauty that we described a few weeks ago, Today we must add the solemnity of its beaches. Has some surreal Baikal, because the sand is fine and in the Caribbean, but is frosty, the waves are waves of a lake and the rides are finished with the ice floes of the rocks surrounding the beach.

7.-King George Island (Antarctica)

This is another destination end, so it appears again, Baikal as a magical place ranking. Perhaps the Antarctic beaches are not beautiful: There are more rocks than sand and water is dark as the mysteries of the frozen continent. But the traveler who wanders the coast of the southern hemisphere only shares the beach with scientists who start off their boats and glaciers, and penguins, they are not going anywhere, because this is their home and we, intruders.

What we have left…?

Any beach that does not allow swimsuit rides, any wild coast, any landscape where the sea crashes unceremoniously, on boulders, or cold sand beaches that still have no name.

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  • home


    Can not wait to go to all, clear.. But Namibia is calling me and getting stronger!


  • Iniesta


    This video is great. What I like is to find that the beaches are more than white sand and coconut trees. What envy!!!!


  • Pacucha


    Daniel… your documentary today I felt for a moment at the top of Machu Picchu ( or old mountain ) the place is awesome …I love looking through a hole would be like living there at that time ….Thanks for showing us these wonders


  • Marina


    It is true that the Lofoten islands have beautiful beaches. Yo tuve el placer de visitarlas una noche de San Juan y el contraste de las hogueras naranjas en la playa y el azul turquesa de las aguas daba una aspecto colorido a ese clima tan gris 🙂


  • Caesar


    THANKS for sharing these great moments of active life….We see and feel THAT IS YOUR GOD ALLOWS admire great goodness.


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