Salto Angel, Venezuela: King of heaven and the quest for gold

For: Alfonso Polvorinos
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The 9 October 1937 la avioneta de James Crawford Angel -Jimmy Angel- touched the top of Auyan-tepui. It was the first time a human being trampled on Auyán. The landing gear broke in so daring maneuver and the aircraft was unfit to take off. There was no alternative, had to go on foot. Almost half a month took the browser Jimmy Angel and his fellow expedition to find the only way down and down from the top of Auyan-tepui to camp Uruyén, where he hoped Felix Cardona. Only had food for a week. But this story begins a few years ago ...

All Williams and John McCraken were two old prospectors Scottish early twentieth century gave the precious metal and diamonds in the bed of a river in the heart of the Gran Sabana. All Williams died on the return trip in the lagoon of Canaima, John McCraken but I knew that would return to the mine. If the bed had wealth, have much more on top from which the stream tumbled. Unable to access on foot, We need the expertise of a pilot capable of landing on top of that tepui ...

The King of Heaven

Jimmy Angel was probably the best driver ever. The King of Heaven called him. Personal pilot Lawrence of Arabia and fellow squadron in World War 1 the famous aviator Roland Garros. He came to the Gran Sabana attracted by the wealth of gold and diamonds in the company of Scottish explorer John McCraken, who found and hired for such a mission in Panama.

Jimmy Angel and John McCraken landed on top of tepui. Given several times and flew over before doing some tepuyes, but in the end they succeeded. The Scottish explorer gave Jimmy the reservoir while the plane prepared for takeoff in a dense morning fog. Full of fortune started back home.

Jimmy Angel returned years later. McCraken, elderly and retired, ceded the field, so years later, in 1935, Jimmy Angel try to give back to the mine following the instructions left by the Scottish explorer and vaguely remembered because of the fog and over the years. Flying over the Gran Sabana in several times for the place where he had landed in the company of McCraken, but it was a time when "south of the Orinoco" nothing was known; there was no information, much less reliable maps. It was one of those flights when he met with the waterfall that bears his name. He was convinced that this was the place. He made several flights over the spectacular waterfall in Spanish company Félix Cardona Puig, the first Western-Freixas with Mundó- to see with their eyes the biggest waterfall in the world 1927.

Jimmy was determined to build a small issue and he would go with Felix Cardona. On this occasion he was accompanied by his wife, Venezuelan mountaineers Miguel Delgado and Gustavo "Cabullas" Henry, and the aforementioned Felix Cardona Puig. Cardona was hoping that would 9 October at the base camp that had been used many times in their overflights Jimmy. Dawned clear and everything pointed to that was the right time. The time should, but not the place ...

He was wrong. It was the first time that Jimmy stepped on Auyán-Tepui. A topographical error led to a wrong tepui, was not where he had landed and taken off that foggy day 1922, but instead discovered the most impressive waterfall there are few. Only thanks to the expertise and experience of the Venezuelan climber could fall with the success of the summit. The plane was abandoned at the top until many years later was transferred by helicopter to Ciudad Bolivar, which currently states.

Angel Falls

Salto Del Angel said there are only superlatives. One of the works of art and nature, this is personal assessment, the most impressive waterfall there are few. Not only is the highest, also the most impressive over others such as Victoria Falls or, which is no small thing. I guess will be the environment that is, and that when one has before his eyes can not help but see it in the mountainous enclave, selvático…, in the sublime landscape, ultimately, of the Gran Sabana of Venezuela and the Canaima National Park.

Salto Del Angel said there are only superlatives. One of the works of art and nature, this is personal assessment, the most impressive waterfall there are few. Not only is the highest, also the most impressive over others such as Victoria Falls or

Until the first official measurement carried out by a National Geographic expedition, The rumors reached even encrypt 1.600 meters. What if Jimmy Angel was clear from the outset is that it was huge, around 1 mile high, as calculated by the altimeter in his plane-. He was wrong for very little. 979 meters tall!!. The world's highest waterfall.

How to reach Angel Falls? only you can enjoy this wonder of two ways: or from the air or by river clicking. In Canaima, the nearest town to Angel Falls, there are companies that organize scenic flights by helicopter and plane. They are not cheap (on 200-300 U.S. dollars) but I guarantee you will see the Gran Sabana, Auyán-tepui and the Angel Falls is priceless. It is the fastest way.

The second is the inland navigation Carrao tracing first and then the river to the island Churún Mouse. Landed on the island and walk around 15 minutes in the natural forest to the balcony where the gazebo Laime, front of Angel Falls. You can also engage in adventure and ecotourism companies that exist in Canaima and usually lasts 3 days including an overnight stay at jungle camp. No me la experiencia negaréis that promises. These 3 days in the jungle, progressively involve leaving the room, makes the perception of the falls even more strength copper. I highly recommend it.

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