Zambia: the couple who came to say goodbye to Africa

For: Javier Brandoli (text and photos)
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I'm greeted with a warm grin British style handshake. They are an elderly couple with white hair and stately to this Africa will feel like a bespoke suit. At first glance century arguably lead and travel through these lands to which came in one of the expeditions of Livingstone. It strikes me that seem too old to venture into adventure.

They take their seats in the back of a plane in which there is no space to cross himself. They hold hands. The pilot turns the engines. Fails right. It slams down and the propeller begins to cough started slowly to. We are soon flying on a scale iron sky Zambia.

We are soon flying on a scale iron sky Zambia

The light aircraft from Lusaka airport part takes us to the heart of the Lower Zambezi Park. The sky is clear, far observed some small mountains, and even beyond, the wealth of the legendary Zambezi breaking Africa. Suddenly, amidst the thick vegetation, the plane descends to land on a runway located in the middle of the jungle.

We're all the imposing Royal Zambezi Lodge. A invited me three days to make a report and they are the only customer you have today the most beautiful of all hotel I have ever been to Africa.

"How are you alone, Do you mind sharing with them Javier activities or want to do something on your own?”, the director asks me Mistress. “No, I do what they do ", answer to education is expected of a guest. Two hours later we were all three in 4×4 admiring the elephants walking slowly between the trunks of mopane; seeing crocodiles slipping into the water in small arms that the Zambeze introduced into the park; stopping to observe ospreys subject to heaven, a couple, always together and away condemned to love without understanding or photographing countless lions guarded us with disinterest. The park has a serene beauty. Do not see a single car in the more than three hours away.

He is caught between his arms and she gets screwed. There is a delicacy and tenderness in the gesture almost adolescent

Suddenly, when the sun is leaving, the driver stopped the car and got out of the car to see all the unique African light escape. I grab a glass of wine that subject with difficulty while trying to photograph another sunset over this land. I am absorbed in my work, tripod, wine that threatens to end in my chest and suddenly turned his head to tell you to look to the right a herd of zebras when I see my two traveling companions embraced without peel. They are silent watching the sun diluted. He is caught between his arms and she gets screwed. There is a delicacy and tenderness in the gesture almost adolescent. I stared at them with some blush for disturbing the solitude of this couple, missed on a sample of tenderness as expeditiously.

Then came three days in which we share everything. The time we were making friends. Me explaining that it was an English doctor, London. She listened hard, and he had many times to repeat our conversations somewhat higher tone. They had been married more than 40 years. I think part of adopted me as a son and I tried to correspond trying not to seem. I always had the feeling that they are shrinking the hours. They made all possible activities. Until one morning we went fishing on the Zambezi. He threw the cane to flow and she looked at him tenderly and applauded if a fish, however small, was caught on his hook. They were even able to make the canoe trip over three hours in which a river channel remontaríamos among lions, buffalo and eaters that mingled in the air. Always three. Whenever those two.

I think part of adopted me as a son and I tried to correspond trying not to seem

Thus came the last night that we prepared a candlelight dinner in the middle of the jungle. A huge bonfire, some armed men surrounding the small camp, very close noise delas absolute beasts and darkness all around. By then I was in the hotel guests. A wealthy Indian family celebrating the birthday of one of their daughters and a U.S. marriage I noticed was something sharp to the ways of my English friends. He kept talking about American agriculture and my old doctor answered always polite with a certain indifference.

I, while, I sat down with the director by the campfire. Do not know why I said "are a lovely couple, admirable”. And she answered me abruptly, as if he had all the time wanting to have warned me: "Yes, but it is very sad history ". "Sorry? Why Sad??”, I answered. "She is dying. The two celebrated their honeymoon in Africa, en Mana Pools, across the river, Zimbabwe. They had returned to Africa since. As Zimbabwe's too bad they have come here to say goodbye ", me says in a tone confidant.

She is dying. The two celebrated their honeymoon in Africa…

I froze and I just managed to ask "why do you know?”. "He told me to come that we might have some caution with it". We fell silent. I guess somehow I always knew but I could not imagine.

The table was ready. My friends prevented, british a little gesture, that U.S. couple sit in a place that left me beside space. I had a reserved seat. We spent the evening talking without me to clear my head of what the director had said. He finished that spectacular evening and returned on the 4×4 the hotel. After leaving the car a huge elephant came our way and repeatedly threatened to ram us. Our driver turned off and turned on the lights between accelerations as challenging the huge pachyderm. End, the beast turned away fiercely trumpeting while lost in the dark forest.

Both silent and tried to hide the tears that were running down his face

We arrived at the lodge. They still had two more days; I was leaving the next morning very early. We said goodbye. He gave me his card and phone and told me I had a few friends and a house in London when he wanted. We gave thanks for the wonderful time we spent together and understood in our silence a shame shared by the departure of one who knows that will not see.

I walked no more than thirty feet road and turned my room. I approached them and told them: "You know, I think I will never marry but if I did dream of someday being a couple as who are you ". Then both were silent and tried to hide his eyes glaze. We hugged tightly. I remember way back to my room I, too wet look.

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  • Monica de Cossio


    Xavier history prettier


  • home


    I have jumped the tears


  • First Travel


    We are left with a heavy heart and lights and smells of Africa as a backdrop…


  • Carlos L


    Nice story Javier.


  • Rosa


    Beautiful and touching story, but sad at the same time full of vitality.


  • Juan Antonio Portillo


    Ufffffffffff, Xavier……. I'm crying!!!!!!!!!!!! Beautiful story that you have given us…….. And beautiful couple……

    Thanks. A big hug


  • Lydia


    A History, nice, sad and tender, with Africa as a setting.


  • mario roberto muñoz


    What a beautiful story. was in africa and I would love to return with my loved want to experience life inolvidable.Dios regale me another chance


  • Javier Brandoli


    Thanks Mario


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